Have you ever wondered why beautiful music can bring tears to the eyes (but people rarely cry looking at art)?

Have you ever noticed that when two or three people dance together on TV, the audience laughs and feels joyful with them?

Have you wondered why so many couples regard certain music as “their song?”

Something about music and dance brings out strong feelings. We all know it’s true.

So adding music and dance to a marriage proposal is the best way to make it an emotionally peak experience…

…And that’s where we come in!

We will dance to a love song and surround you (“flash mob style”) as you pop the question!

See the video on this page to get a rough idea.

We can choreograph moves that have special meaning to you and your partner such as offering a ring, etc. We will work with you to design a proposal that conforms to your unique vision.

We are also happy to provide a free one-hour private lesson to prepare for your “first dance.”

Let our team of dancers from AM Salsa & DanceInTime make your proposal special and unique—a story that will be told and retold for years to come…


What's next?

Contact us to discuss how we can arrange a high energy dancing proposal designed just for you.